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Dr. Holly King

Dr. Holly King

Chiropractic care is a family thing for Dr. King, both she and her husband Tom graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. She graduated in 1997. 


Coming to Michigan she joined the staff of Correct Care Chiropractic in Redford. In 2007 she successfully launched her own practice in Plymouth.


Dr. King, who is a native of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, studied biology at St. Ambrose University before receiving her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees from Palmer College of Chiropractic.


She is a former high school science teacher and held the position of associate professor of Alternative Medicine and Physical Therapy at Mojave Community College in Arizona.


Dr. King is certified National Board of Chiropractic examiners Part I, II, III, IV and Physiotherapy. She has been providing patients with an extraordinary healing touch since 1997.


The King Family

The King Family

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As the mother of three sons, Riley 22, Avery 17 and Jerry 13, Dr. King cares greatly about the health of children. From personal experience, she has a particular love for special needs children. She finds it gratifying to see them respond so successfully to her skilled chiropractic adjustments.


Dr. King’s Philosophy

“Like our name says, we are a family practice. We care for families and individuals of all age. From babies to senior citizens, our patients become part of our extended family and part of our lives at King Family Chiropractic,” she said. 


What to Expect

Dr. King is committed to providing the best possible education for you about your body and how it heals best. Her education, intuition and keen listening ability allow her doctor-patient relationship to become a true partnership.


“The more you understand about your body, the more committed you can be towards achieving optimum health,” she said. “I believe in working WITH my patients as active partners in health care by giving you the tools and information necessary to overcome pain and achieve wellness.”


In an easy to understand manner, Dr King shows her patients how, under the right conditions, the body is self-healing and self-regulating. Her expert training and extensive experience enables her to find any interference with the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself. When the interference is removed through her adjustments, the patient’s own body takes over the healing process.


During examinations, Dr. King takes into consideration the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of her patients to provide a more holistic and accurate diagnosis and treatment program.


By using a “whole person” approach when caring for her patient, Dr. King combines the very best hands-on technique and state of the art physiotherapy procedures to help you accelerate and or maintain your goal of good health.


Whether it’s a recent injury, chronic pain or no symptoms at all, regardless of your age or condition, Dr. King’s unrelenting goal is to help you restore and maintain a pain free, healthy body. 


For the Community

In addition to clinical work, Dr. King also enjoys speaking engagements, health care screening and special events to help educate the public on health and wellness. If you need a lively, informative presentation for your civic club, athletic booster group, school, church or other organization, call 734-455-2225  today to schedule Dr. King as a speaker.


Keep up on the latest in natural health care by reading Dr. King’s online articles. They will provide different perspectives on health and how chiropractic care balances the body to heal the patient from within.


Dr. King is a past member of the Seroptimists women’s organization and a former representative of the Palmer Student Alumni Association. Dr. King also enjoys volunteering with her church youth group.

Dr. Tom King

Dr. Tom King

A gentle touch and years of experience characterize Dr. Tom King. After practicing several years of private practice in Arizona and most recently affiliated with East Stadium Chiropractic in Ann Arbor, Dr. Tom King joins his wife, Dr Holly King at King Family Chiropractic.

He is a 1995  graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. 

Dr. Tom King, a native of California describes one of his approaches to chiropractic as ultra light and gentle. Using the Logan technique, he specializes in working with  anyone who responds best to a light touch, including infants or fragile senior citizens.    He has received highly advanced training in extremities and does cranial work as needed.

Dr King describes chiropractic care as the most natural art for the body to reach its fullest potential.   “It is a system that removed any interference with the body’s ability to perform and to obtain its top function and achieve wellness.”

At age 11, Dr. King had his first experience with chiropractic care. Injuries playing football resulted in a broken back. After seeing what a chiropractor was able to do for him, he became interested in studying chiropractic when he was older. That decision was solidified when at 16; he broke his neck, again playing football. Temporarily paralyzed, he had confidence that a chiropractor would be able to help him. Treating broken necks is not normally part of chiropractic treatment, but his doctor was able to help him make a full recovery without surgery or a brace. At 21, a seven month sinus infection was effectively treated in a week’s time through Chiropractic allowing him to discontinue medications that were creating complicated side effects. At that point, Dr. King knew he wanted to be able to offer hope to others trying to achieve wellness through the most natural means.

Dr. King helps his patients understand how chiropractic works. He describes the body’s immune system as being similar to a light bulb with a dimmer switch. If the dimmer switch opens, energy is flowing completely to the light bulb creating the brightest possible illumination. But as the dimmer switch is turned down, less light comes from the bulb. So is it with the spinal nerve to the organs. When there’s a subluxation (pinched or irritated nerves) the energy to the organs becomes dim.

Dr. King who earned the rank of Eagle Scout is also an accomplished musician. A saxophone player, he also enjoys public speaking and has been member of Toastmasters. A member of Business Networking International (BNI), he is published in Chiropractic books and teaches youth groups at his church.

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